The Aker Companies


Aize is a software house, aimed at fully digitalise engineering and operations – through the digital twin. Uniquely positioned as a start-up within the Aker family, Aize collaborates closely with the other Aker companies in succeeding with their mission.



Akastor is an oil-services investment company with a portfolio of industrial and financial holdings. Akastor aims to develop and refine its portfolio of companies as stand-alone enterprises, with the goal of maximizing the value potential of each entity.


Aker ASA

Aker ASA (Aker) is an industrial investment company with ownership interests concentrated in oil and gas, renewable energy and green technologies, industrial software, seafood and marine biotechnology sectors.


Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine is a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, developing krill-based ingredients for nutraceutical, aquaculture, and animal feed applications. The company is dedicated to improving human and planetary health.


Aker BP

Aker BP is a fully-fledged exploration, field development and production company. Measured in production, Aker BP is one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe.


Aker Carbon Capture

Aker Carbon Capture is a dedicated carbon capture technology company with solutions, services and technologies covering the entire CCUS value chain from capture, transport, utilization through to storage of CO2 and enhanced oil recovery.


REV Ocean

REV Ocean has an ambitious yet simple goal – to ensure ‘One Healthy Ocean’. We work to improve our understanding of the ocean, get key stakeholders – decision-makers, researchers, business and civil society – to work effectively together and turn knowledge into concrete solutions.


Aker Horizons

Aker Horizons ASA is a planet-positive investment company dedicated to developing companies within renewable energy and other technologies that reduce emissions or promote sustainable living.


Aker Offshore Wind

Aker Offshore Wind strives to create a sustainable future. We are an offshore wind developer headquartered in Norway with focus on assets in deep waters.


Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions delivers integrated solutions, products and services to the global energy industry. We enable low-carbon oil and gas production and develop renewable solutions to meet future energy needs.



Cognite is a software and digitalization company. The company has taken on an active role in the digitalization of the oil and gas industry.


Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream Renewable Power is an independent renewable energy player with a global portfolio of assets across solar, onshore and offshore wind. The company currently has 1.4 GW of assets in operation or under construction.